They say the Italian women are temperamental, the French ones are refined and the English girls – the most elegant in the world.

They say that men prefer blondes.

They say… it’s certain… that beauty glamorizes us and makes us exceptional. But what is beauty?

We, as women, know that it is the outcome of many factors: luckily not only genes but also our self-image, time, knowing our virtues and the ability to use such benefits of civilization as COSMETICS.

The La Rosa brand means unique cosmetics, created to beautify, add brilliance and highlight beauty, which, obviously, is present in every woman. Our unique products consists of high quality and versatility – our line includes preparations made with the use of modern technologies, ones which draw from nature. The aim of all our products is for a woman who uses our cosmetics to feel temperamental, refined and the most beautiful in the world.

La Rosa offers high quality monomers and polymers for gel and acrylic nail modeling and lengthening, as well as professional hand care preparations. Our selected and tested chemical compositions ensure perfect product control and comfortable use.

With the use of our preparations, it is possible to create nails which are elegant, original, traditional or modern, depending on the customers’ needs and tastes.



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